My name is Ania Shabbir. This website is a virtual portfolio of my current and past projects that I have completed over the past 3 Semesters at SAIT as a New Media Production and Design student. This portfolio showcases my best works and showcases my skills and abilities as a New Media student and a digital content creator. My strong suit is my ability to incorporate my creativity and technical skills to complete any given project. I love photography, graphic design and illustration. I enjoy creating projects in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Premiere Pro and Dreamweaver. My goal as a digital content creator is to create a high-function product that is just as aesthetically pleasing to the client and viewer. Combining my interest with my New Media technology skills allows me to create digital content that is both efficient, successful. Now that I have acquired the skills to develop media, an ideal career would be to create digital advertisement content. I would love to work as a brand marketing strategist, creating social media content and other digital content for companies to use as an advertisement.  I would love to use my skills to develop practical marketing tools for companies to expand their digital presence and outreach.