No More Trash

No More Trash is a brand marketing package I made for a new company. I used my Adobe Photoshop skills, Illustrator and InDesign, along with my knowledge of brand marketing and advertisement, to create a social media post, a social media ad and a brand logo. I designed this brand marketing plan to advertise this new company, showcase their product, and increase their market presence.  I created digital content for this company as this is the fastest and most efficient way to gain consumers and potential customers. Using digital content and social media to advertise is an effective form of acquiring traffic towards your company. I created the logo for this company using my skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also took and edited the product images in Adobe Photoshop to enhance their appearance and make the advertisement ready. I am proud of this project as it showcases my skills and abilities to create an effective marketing brand with effective digital content.

Download the full brand standards PDF hereDownload