Paper Cranes

Paper cranes is an assignment given in our rich Media class. This project’s objective was to create a video that told a story. We created a short film about the origin story of the paper crane. I heard about this story years ago when I started making origami cranes, the beautiful story always stuck with me, and I thought it would be a great story to make a short film out of, one I could share with others. We sat down and collectively decided to film this story as a short film rather than animate it because that way, we could have a lot more creative freedom with all of the shots we wanted to produce. We used our knowledge of camera angles, scriptwriting, lighting angles and editing from the past semesters to create this film. We wanted to focus our concept on the original story to showcase its cultural and historical significance. We created a script where we could share this story with the audience. we made sure we had an equal number of shots telling the story and filming the paper cranes’ actual folding. I always love a project where I get a little bit more creative and artistic freedom, so this project was one of the ones I enjoyed. I used my skillset in Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this short film.