The Four Hikers

The site is accessible at this link:

The Four Hikers assignment was given to us as a final assignment in our production class in the 3rd semester. The objective was to create an e-learning website to educate our audience on a specific topic. The topic my group chose was winter hiking. We thought this was a great topic to teach as we lived near many mountains and wanted to teach people and activities they could do in the winter. We based our website on having an online educational course. We created our content and did all of the research required. We went out to different hiking paths and shot each video, and edited it ourselves. We also designed and created the entire layout ourselves. We then organized these tutorials by placing them in modules. Having five modules helped us organize each set of content and made it easy for the user to follow. Like any educational course, we also tested our user’s knowledge through various quizzes on the website. At the end of the course, you would either pass or be redirected to retake the course. Our goal was also to educated both beginning and advance level hikers. We wanted everyone who visited our website to leave with some new knowledge

I used my skills in web coding to complete this project. I used Dreamweaver to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code this website.