Final Project

The website is accessible at this link :

This e-commerce website was a final project in my second semester for my web communications class—the objective of this project aims to create a realistic and well-functioning e-commerce website. I chose to sell beauty products on mine because I thought I could incorporate the assignment’s colours and theme well with a beauty and skincare website. The first step to creating a website was to complete all of the content and materials posted on the website. I took my product photography and edited it myself for the website. I wanted the pictures to appear as professional and clear-cut as possible. I learned that a lot of websites are successful just based alone on their appearance. I researched other makeup brands and their marketing strategy and how they sell their products. Once I had all the material and content, I coded the website, made sure it had all the same functions as a real e commence website, checked out a page, a promotions page, a product page, and placed everything on it. I used my skills in web coding to complete this project. I used Dreamweaver to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create the outline for this webpage.