Dining Room Scene

The dining room scene was the second assignment I was given in my 3d modelling class in the 3rd semester. The objective of this assignment was to make A realistic dining room scene. We were given the task to make 12 different objects that could be found in a dining room. We were expected to create each item focusing on the detail and placement of these objects in the scene. This assignment helped me learn how to place several things together to create a blanched set that didn’t come across as overwhelming or cluttered. Finding the right balance and placement for each item so that the scene looks great was a skill I learned to use on other projects that require a similar objective. I also had used the right “materials” to make each object in the dining room appear as realistic as possible; this means I had to use wood for the table and fabric for the table liners. All these details help portray an entire room. Because this was my first time creating a realistic scene in blender, I found it challenging to make all the objects I wanted to make. I overcame this issue by Using a real-life dining room as a reference and using real items as a reference. I created all 12 things by observing the same objects in real life. This skill has allowed me to mimic almost any item from real life onto a 3d program. , This project overall increased my blender skills.